Harmony Cloud Franchise Module

Online POS system for Franchises and Monitoring System for Franchisors

  • POS module for restaurants (customizable UI )
  • Basic Accounting
  • Stock, Purchase and Sales
  • Human Resources and Employee time attendance
  • Online Ordering system
  • Reporting, Dashboards and Mobile Notification Apps
Harmony Cloud Franchise Module

POS Module for restaurants (customizable User Interface)

  • Online web based system which can work on PCs, android or IOS tablets and POS devices
  • Offline mode enables to continue POS operations when connection is lost
  • Multi language: English, Turkish, Arabic
  • Waiter ordering screen; can work on tablets or smartphones
  • Configurable table layout
  • Stock management on POS screen
  • Adding daily expenses on POS screen
  • Recording employee entry/exit times, overtimes and absence
  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Online Ordering of Items to Factory
  • Management of products; prices, new products, stock relations
  • Record canceled orders, disposals and items given to employees.

Basic Accounting

  • Cash Transactions; Expenses, Income, Money transfers
  • Define chart of accounts
  • Monitor all accounting transactions
  • Monitor receivables and payables
  • Get timely reports of financial performance of your business
  • Receive weekly summary emails for financial status of your business

Stock, Purchase and Sales

  • Define multiple warehouses and monitor stock operations
  • Manage sales and purchases of stock items

Stock, Purchase and Sales

  • Record and monitor employee attendance
  • Report monthly attendance of employees
  • Calculate employee salaries

Monitoring Multiple Franchises in one platform

  • Monitor daily sales
  • Monitor on hand inventory levels
  • See ready Reports and Graphs for sales and stock moves
  • Watch Live dashboard items
  • Custom reports as per customer needs

Receive Purchase Orders from Franchises online

  • Get purchase orders online
  • Manage and schedule delivery of items to franchise
  • Monitor wrong delivery and mistakes on purchase orders
  • Get confirmation from franchise upon delivery online


  • Manage his/her business online A to Z.
  • Use efficient reporting and analysis functions to improve business
  • Save time for profit and loss calculations and reporting
  • No initial investment for software ownership
  • Use latest technology without additional costs for updates
  • Use smartphones or tablets for mobility with low hardware costs


  • Monitor sales on all franchises in one platform online
  • Use Dashboards and Reports for various analysis fast and ready
  • By monitoring inventory levels of franchises, plan the supply efficiently
  • By getting orders online avoid mistakes and manual work on getting orders
  • Save costs with cloud business model with no initial investment, no hardware costs, no yearly maintenance costs and no update costs