Harmony HR Management

Harmony HR Management helps you recording your employees data online, calculate their payrolls, track their attendance, expenses, overtimes, leaves, visas, iqamas and more… With self service functions your HR will be much easier to handle. Harmony notifications will help you remind about expiry and due dates timely.

  • Record your employees’ file online (Employee data, contract, medical insurances, dependents)
  • Manage Employee attendance and yearly vacations.
  • Calculate payroll automatically (Calculation, approval and payment of payrolls)
  • Manage employee overtimes
  • Track employee expenses (submissions, approvals and payments)
  • Manage governmental docs of your employees (Visit Visas, Iqamas, Exit Reentry)
  • Get Notifications on your mobile for approvals and reminders.
  • See live stats on HR dashboard
  • Take reports for any time interval about HR processes