Harmony EMS®, Enterprise Management System

Harmony EMS is a web based management platform which integrates all business processes and ERP modules in one platform. The flexible and adaptive features enable Harmony EMS to expand according to customers requirements with different modules and integrate to existing systems of enterprises. Short customization and setup time requirements ease the system integration process of Harmony EMS to many sectors. User friendly and adaptive GUI provides fast accessibility and efficient usage.

Main Features

Work Flow System

Harmony EMS has Work Flow Management and Automation System which improves efficiency in companies by following the each and every task clearly with proper set process flows. Team management and task management modules bring efficiency to your organization and helps you to improve more. It is completely flexible and custom system for each customer needs and requirements. Automatic reporting and performance evaluation will save your time and money you spent for having a nice designed accurate report from your employees.

ERP Modules

According to your requirements Harmony EMS is ready to be your ERP software which controls all your processes well integrated with Work Flow Management System. We have ready modules which can be transformed according to your needs easily such as HR modules, Asset Management, Finance, Fleet Management, Operations Management, Stock Management, Logistics and Warehousing, Production, Service, and Cost Accounting and growing together with our portfolio according to our clients requirements. Our systems are specialized in different countries for different rules and regulations of these countries. Harmony EMS enables such rules and regulations easily incorporated to the system.

Everywhere access

Harmony EMS is a browser application working in a server which enables users to access either from internet or intranet of their company according to the setup chosen by the customer. It does not require installing any setup to access the software. Your internet browser in your laptop, desktop, tablet pc or smart phone is enough to access the system.

Cutting Edge Technology

Harmony EMS is developed by latest software technology with Java which ensures the high performance and high security. Our software design makes us different in the way that we can move forward for any expansion in system without affecting our structure. Our cutting edge software technology helps us to respond our customers’ needs lesser time than they even expected.

Flexible and Adaptive system

In Harmony EMS we are flexible for any requirement to incorporate to our system. We like to say always “yes we can” to our customers with our generic software structure. Our adaptive system allows us to be integrated with different databases and software to incorporate their data to the work flows. By this way the gaps between existing systems of an organization will be automatically closed by our system. Our adaptive system also well fits with Smartphones and Tabs.

System Elements

Configuration & Administration

This part of the system is the main part where our cutting edge engineering is done. Our flexible and generic configuration and Administration module allows us to set our customers’ needs in very short time after the requirements are set. We can summarize the main points as follows;

  • Configuration of work flows, forms, data tables and actions in a short setup time.
  • Dynamic role system that administrate the all accesses for users.
  • Group base structure to manage the organization's teams and assignments efficiently.
  • Flexible GUI configuration to fit organizations’ look.
  • Automated assignment system that can be configured by managers for assignments of tasks.
  • Versioning features enabling smooth transition between old and new workflows.

Task Management

Task management is very important module of Harmony EMS to control all employees’ tasks and duties, which is controlled by the set work flows defined by the company. The order of the system brings efficiency and minimizes mistakes in processes due to missed tasks or incomplete task information. We can summarize the main points as follows;

  • Online tasks follow up for all users.
  • See the details of the tasks assigned to you, make decisions, perform your tasks on time.
  • Review the documents related to your tasks.
  • Upload, download attachments for the task.
  • Add new notes and see others’ notes for the task.
  • Input to the online documents, create new documents for the process.
  • See the whole process flow and the current progress.
  • See the history details for the process, who did, what is done, when is done.

WorkOrder Management

We experience many times within organizations people inquiring about their requests or orders. This inquiries waste an important amount of time for the responsible people to answer such inquiries. And this process sometimes become a high burden that organizations dedicate in people to answer such inquiries. Our WorkOrder management system allows users to track their requests online and see the progress of the work orders, send reminders to task owners and comment on the notes get information reminders via email for important notifications and such. This system save a lot of your time and money you spent for unnecessary communications for such inquiries. We can summarize the main points as follows;

  • Easy follow up and tracking of your requests
  • Flexible Menu Structure with dynamic GUI.
  • Flexible Forms & Work Flows
  • Able to integrate to company websites
  • Compatible for outside users for public request handling

Team Management

In Harmony EMS, the teams in organizations are referred as groups. Each group may have one manager that can monitor, assign, and schedule their tasks. Each task is assigned to a group by the system and within group assignments can be done automatically by the system according to set rules or manually by the group’s manager. You can easily balance the workload among your group members and organize the work better with team management features of Harmony EMS. We can summarize the main points as follows;

  • Follow your team members tasks
  • Assign, schedule the task of your team members
  • Use auto assignment rules for tasks of your team
  • Reassign any task to others in your team
  • Manage replacement of your team members on their absence
  • Receive auto generated reports periodically about your teams performance by email

Forms and Documents

Harmony EMS brings efficiency with its online forms that are same as companies’ forms used in paperwork. This structure makes forms printable anytime and easy to integrate to existing systems since the users will use the same style of forms they used to use on a software application. Also many functions within the forms ease the data entry and minimize the mistakes in information flow. We can summarize the main points as follows;

  • Unlimited type of form designs
  • Multiple inputs from multiple people to same form by task fields
  • Authorization in forms to secure confidential information from irrelevant people to see them by secure fields
  • Sub forms in main form allow multiple entries of sub entities.
  • Allows external sources like google apps(map,earth,etc..) , other databases

Reports and Statistics

Harmony EMS allows role based reporting module which allows any kind of report generated by the system. By auto generated reports, companies are saving a lot of time that spent on reporting and able to monitor their performance of employees and processes. Our reporting services are compatible with Microsoft Office and PDF files where user can take word, excel or pdf export of their reports. We can summarize the main points as follows;

  • Generic reporting service allows any report design.
  • Statistics of employees and processes in one click.
  • Automated report sender by email on defined schedules and people.
  • Time statistics according to working hours of the organization.
  • Totally compatible with Microsoft Office.

Data Tables

Harmony EMS have multiple ERP modules in which the company’s’ resources & data are listed in data tables where users can do search filter, sort options easily and allow them to use many actions on data. Data tables are designed totally according to the customers’ requirements and various functions can be given to users in action tool bar of data tables.

  • View and edit your data in dynamic tables.
  • Multiple actions related with data tables.
  • Advanced search, filter and sort options in tables.
  • Multiple export options of the filtered data.
  • Extensive actions library allows creating custom actions by combining many actions.
  • Scheduled actions working on idle times for higher performance.

Alerts and Messages

  • Auto alerts for due dates, expiry dates and important events.
  • Totally customizable text for any reminders.
  • Custom reminder settings to remind selected people on defined date/time.
  • Messages center for easy communication within organizations.
  • Announcement features for departments, projects or groups.