System Analysis

Our expert analysts analyze your organizational system and identify your problems and requirements firstly to specify your exact needs for an integrated management system. This stage is very important for a successful software implementation process since the designed system should match exactly with your organization and should fix the problems identified. Also the system should be welcomed by the users involved with proper training and orientations. It is vital to include the whole organizations’ thoughts and suggestions to develop a system that is welcomed by all the company. This approach will bring Harmony to your processes and people will experience the Harmonic change in the organization in a short period.

Consultancy for specific problems and requirements

Every company and every sector has its own characteristics and specific problems. Many times these problems cannot be solved by ready package software which is not answering your requirements. For instance the cost accounting of a company is critical for the management for identifying the financial performance of the individual products or services. However classical analytic accounting modules exist in many ERP software is not able to calculate meaningful cost figures for detailed products or services. If you cannot calculate a cost of a product or a service how would be the prices of these products or services. What we do is to see your operations and develop cost accounting methods automated for you which will be a BI for you to know your products’ and services’ financial situation and take necessary actions to improve them. Automation is also a key word here because the efforts done by manual finance experts to calculate these costs add up a significant cost to many organizations. Right here our services save your time and money for calculating these costs and develop a sustainable system for you that will take you to lead in the market. These examples for specific needs can be numerous and our interdisciplinary team structure develops the right solution for you with the software tool. You don’t need to work with multiple companies to solve a single problem like; fist company identifies the problem, second one solves , third one develop a software , fourth one implement and train for the software and such. Save time and money with consolidated services we provide for complete system integration process.

Implementation and Training

Without the proper usage of a tool, the best tool ever made even will be a standard one. The success of a system depends on how effective it is being used among all the elements of the organization. Therefore there are many examples especially in management information systems projects that fail because of implementation phase. You may buy the best car ever made but if it is not suitable for the roads and people in your city you may not use it. We as Harmony believe that our solutions provided to our customer should not fail because of any reason. We should catch the right motivation and leverage with our customer to achieve the goals of the project. Our most valued success in our business is to see our customers benefit from our systems integrated and grow with our systems to the future. Therefore we care great attention to proper implementation and usage of the system integrated to our clients.

After sale support and developments

While the business and our clients are evolving and developing, their needs also will be changing. When a client of ours transforms his business from middle size company to big size company the system also needs to transform accordingly. If a system can develop and expand parallel to the change in the organization then the continuous success will be achieved. We believe in always supporting our clients for their new processes, extra requirements with fastest response time. Our agile software development method enables us to support and fix our customers’ problems lesser time than our clients expected. We know that the time is money and responsive changes play a very important role in catching the opportunities and leading the market.

Outsourcing IT services

In today’s world we see that many sectors are specialized in their fields and most of the times it is better to get a specialist help to perform these operations. Particularly; IT services are also begun to be outsourced in many big companies because of more flexible and cost effective solutions of service provider companies. It is very simple to say that we can provide more responsive and cost effective services to maintain you IT services than your in-house support team. Either through resource based or service based models we can maintain your system efficiently.